A new policy goes into effect March 1, 2023.

Use Your Health Care Funds

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Enroll in SF MRA

A Reimbursement Program for Health, Wellness, and Medical Expenses.

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A Special Benefit for Employees working in San Francisco

The SF MRA program gives you access to money to get reimbursed for health insurance and other health-related expenses. The ultimate goal of the SF MRA program is to help you achieve excellent health. Your spouse, domestic partner, and any dependents can also access these funds.

Money from SF MRA can be used for a wide range of medical expenses, services, and products.

For additional information about the SF MRA program, go here.

To Access Your Funds, Take These Steps...

Step 1: Qualify

If you work in San Francisco and your employer pays into SF City Option, you may qualify for this benefit. To check your SF MRA eligibility, take the short survey here.

Step 2: Enroll in the Program

To start being reimbursed for health and wellness expenses, you must first enroll in the SF MRA Program.

Step 3: Create an Online Account

Once you’re enrolled, you have the option to create an online account with our partner, WageWorks.

Step 4: Get Reimbursed

You can submit claims for your health expenses the following ways: Online, Mail, Fax or Mobile App. Once your claim is approved, you’ll get reimbursed within 3-5 business days.

A Wide Range of Eligible Expenses

When people join SF MRA, they are pleasantly surprised to discover the wide range of services and products that are eligible for reimbursement. These include health insurance payments and deductibles, plus health products and wellness services. For the full list of eligible expenses, click here now.

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