Enroll in SF MRA

How to Enroll in SF MRA

You must first enroll in SF MRA before you can access existing funds. Once your SF MRA Enrollment form is received, you will be notified by SF City Option within 3 weeks of your status. If enrollment is approved, you will receive an SF MRA welcome letter listing your account number and other important details.

There are three easy ways to enroll in SF MRA


Enroll now to access your funds.

SF MRA Enrollment Form »


You can mail the Enrollment Form to:

SF City Option
PO Box 194367
San Francisco, CA 94119


Contact us at

info@sfcityoption.org »

Next Steps: Set up Your Account Online

After you enroll in SF MRA and you receive notice of your enrollment eligibility, the next step is to set up an account online with HealthEquity/WageWorks. Please note that you will need to wait 1-3 weeks after you enroll before you can set up your online account.

When you have an online account, you can:

  • View the balance of the funds available in your account.
  • Easily file a claim for reimbursement and view the status of the claim.
  • View and download SF MRA materials.
  • Sign up to receive your reimbursement by direct deposit.

To set up your account online with HealthEquity/WageWorks, you will first need to provide an ID code, which is the last 4 digits of your SF MRA Account Number.

Your account number is either your Social Security Number (SSN) or a unique ID starting with 777 that was assigned to you in your SF MRA Welcome Letter.

Set up your account online

  • To set up your online account, visit participant.wageworks.com/sfmra.
  • Click on “Register”. Next, follow the instructions on the website to register for an online account.

Set up your account on the mobile app

Call HealthEquity/WageWorks at 1(866) 697-6078 for help accessing your account number or setting up your online account.

Keep Your Account Safe

Never share your:
Account number
Login information
Bank account number

Update Your Info

Keep your contact information updated to access funds.
Always update:
Contact address
Phone number