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SF City Option is one way for Employers to comply with San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance and Healthy Airport Ordinance.

When you participate in the SF City Option Program, you send payments to SF City Option on behalf of your Employees. Your payments for each Employee are held in an employer contribution pool until the Employee contacts SF City Option to enroll in one of three health care programs: SF Covered MRA, SF MRA, or Healthy San Francisco . To find out what program they are eligible for, Employees should complete an SF City Option Program Finder Form  or call SF City Option Customer Service to schedule an in-person appointment.

Once the Employee is enrolled in an SF City Option health care program, your payments for the Employee are assigned to that program.


Learn more about each SF City Option health care program:

SF Covered MRA
Healthy San Francisco 

Click here for information on how to participate in SF City Option