SF Medical Reimbursement Account (SF MRA)


An SF Medical Reimbursement Account (SF MRA) is a health care account with funds that can be used for eligible health care expenses incurred by the Employee, the Employee’s spouse or domestic partner, and the Employee’s dependents. Some of the many health care expenses eligible for reimbursement are health insurance premiums, doctor’s office visits, dental services, vision services, and prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

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Eligibility Requirements
Employees may qualify for SF MRA if:

  • Their Employer made contributions to the SF City Option on their behalf.

How to Submit Claims for Reimbursement
Employees can submit receipts for eligible expenses and claims forms online at mymra.wageworks.com or by mail, fax, or mobile app and get reimbursed by check or direct deposit with funds from the SF MRA.

Availability of Funds

Employees can still use their SF MRAs after they no longer work for the Employer who made the deposits. SF MRA funds are available to spend as long as the account is active. Employees can keep their accounts active by filing at least one SF MRA claim every 24 months. Our program will close the account and the Employee will not be able to spend the SF MRA funds if there have been no claims or deposits in over 24 months. Unused funds are irrevocable and do not return to the Employer.

If an Employee’s SF MRA is closed and they want it re-opened, they can call (877) 772-0415 and we’ll add the SF MRA funds back.

There is a $2.75 administrative fee subtracted from the SF MRA each month, whether or not you use the SF MRA that month.

Effective Date
Only health care services received or health care items purchased on or after the effective date of the SF MRA are eligible for reimbursement. The SF MRA effective date is the payment clearance date of the first MRA payment from the Employer into the your SF MRA.