SF City Option Cash Disbursement Program

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SF City Option is pleased to be working with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to offer one-time cash disbursements from SF MRAs.

  • This program will only be available to SF City Option participants with SF MRAs
  • More information will be available on how to cash out your SF MRA in the coming weeks.
  • Please check back here for additional updates and details about the program.

If you currently have a SF MRA, you can check your available balance at:

If you currently have a deactivated SF MRA, please call SF City Option Customer Service at 1-877-772-0415 to reopen your MRA. You can also reopen by completing a Program Finder Form. Please note that upon reopening, it will take 1-3 weeks for your account information to be updated with our MRA vendor, WageWorks.


SF City Option will never call or email you directly to request your SSN or banking information. Please use caution when sharing personal and financial information.


If you don’t know whether you have an SF MRA, please complete the following steps:

  1. Check with Your Employer

    Ask your (previous or current) San Francisco employer if they have made any contributions on your behalf to the SF City Option Program. Most San Francisco employers with 20 or more employees are required to make a contribution towards employee health care. Your employer may have chosen to comply with this requirement by contributing to SF City Option. Please be aware that most SF employers don’t participate in SF City Option and meet the requirement another way. If you have previously been notified that you have SF City Option contributions by your employer or by the SF City Option program, you may qualify for one of three health benefits: SF MRA, SF Covered MRA or Healthy San Francisco. Only SF MRA will be available for cash out.
  2. Complete a Program Finder Form

    If you think your employer contributes to SF City Option on your behalf, complete a Program Finder Form. The Program Finder Form will determine what benefit you may be eligible for.


    If you complete the Program Finder Form and receive a result stating “Approved for SF MRA”, you will automatically be enrolled in SF MRA. We will send you a welcome email or letter with next steps. We will update our website once information about SF MRA cash disbursement becomes available.

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