Make A Payment

To make a payment, submit your employee roster through the Employer Portal. Be sure to make your payment within the applicable payment deadlines under the San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO). If you have questions about HCSO payment deadlines, contact the San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement at or visit the HCSO website at:

We offer two ways for you to make a payment:

1.    By Mail

Make your check payable to San Francisco City Option. Include the Roster ID Number on the check. Mail your check to:

San Francisco City Option
P.O. Box 194367
San Francisco, CA 94119-4367

2.    Online

Online payment is available as an electronic funds transfer (EFT). You will need your company’s bank routing and account number.

After you submit your roster, the Employer Portal will automatically direct you to the online payment screen. If you want to pay online at a later time, you may log back in to the Employer Portal when you are ready to pay and select the ‘Manage Rosters’ menu option. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ link corresponding to the roster you want to submit payment for.

Note that your bank may require you to get preauthorization before attempting payment. To provide you with authorization, your bank may request the following origin code (aka “ACH ID”): 5330903620.

After Your Payment

The Health Care Security Ordinance requires you to provide an Employee with a Health Care Payment Confirmation Notice after your first payment to the SF City Option Program on behalf of the Employee. You may deliver this notice to the Employee by mail, by email, or in person.

Download the Employee Health Care Payment Confirmation Notice in English, ChineseSpanish , and Tagalog.