How to Participate in City Option


Identify Employees for City Option Contributions:

For Employers complying with the Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO), determine the Employees to receive contributions to SF City Option. Calculate their payment amount based on the HCSO Employer Spending Requirement.

For Employers using SF City Option to comply with the Healthy Airport Ordinance, make monthly payments on behalf of eligible SFO Quality Standards Program Employees using the current per hour payable rate required by the ordinance.

Log In to the Employer Portal:

The Employer Portal is the web application for employer transactions. Create an account by providing us with your company and contact information.

Submit an Employee Roster:

Inform us about your Employees who will have payments applied on their behalf. Download instructions on how to submit a roster on the Employer Portal.

Make a Payment:

Pay online or by mail. Send a Health Care Payment Confirmation Notice  to Employees if you’re making a payment to SF City Option on behalf of the Employees for the first time. Your payments for each Employee are held in an employer contribution pool until the Employee contacts SF City Option to enroll in one of three health care programs: SF Covered MRA, SF MRA , or Healthy San Francisco.

What Happens After You Make Your Payment

• Employee Fills Out Program Finder Form

If you’re making a payment to SF City Option on behalf of an Employee for the first time, SF City Option will send the Employee a welcome letter within 1-3 weeks of receiving your payment. The welcome letter includes instructions on how to contact SF City Option to find out what program they may be eligible for. Employees can fill out the SF City Option Program Finder Form or call SF City Option Customer Service to schedule an in-person appointment.

• Employee is Enrolled in a Program

Based on the information provided by the Employee on the SF City Option Program Finder Form, SF City Option determines which program the Employee might be eligible for. If the Employee might be eligible for SF Covered MRA or Healthy San Francisco, SF City Option will provide the Employee with instructions on how to enroll. If the Employee is eligible for SF MRA, SF City Option will enroll the Employee in the program.  Once enrolled in an SF City Option health care program, your contributions for that Employee will be assigned to that program.