How to Access Your SF MRA Funds




Deposits into an SF MRA do not immediately begin after your Employer makes their first payment to SF City Option on your behalf. We will first need to confirm that you qualify for SF MRA.


Your Employer Makes a Payment to City Option:
The City Option Program is one option for Employers to satisfy the Employer Spending Requirement of the
San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance.

Receive SF City Option Welcome Letter:
Within 1-3 weeks of your Employer’s first payment on your behalf, you’ll receive a welcome letter from SF City Option with instructions on how to complete the SF MRA Enrollment Form. If you do not receive said letter, call Customer Service at 1(877) 772-0415 for assistance.

Complete SF MRA Enrollment Form
Complete the the SF MRA Enrollment Form. SF City Option will use the information you provide to confirm whether you are eligible for SF MRA. After you send SF City Option your completed form online or by mail, you’ll receive a confirmation of your SF MRA enrollment if SF City Option confirms that you are eligible.

Receive Information About Your SF MRA:
Our program will mail account information if you are eligible for and get enrolled in SF MRA. Call SF MRA Customer Service at (866) 697-6078 if you have further questions about how to use your SF MRA.

Register Your Account (Online Users Only):
If you want to submit claims and check account information online, register your account at

Access SF MRA Funds:
Submit Claims for reimbursement of eligible health care expenses.